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This is an eclectic community for unique fashions.
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Welcome! This community is for all types of unusual and creative fashion. Join today and advertise your ebay auctions, websites, and selling journals here. Buy, sell and trade unique clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry. Post pictures of yourself and show off your own style! I would like gypsy_wagon to someday be the best source for unusual fashions on livejournal. This is not for one specific category of fashion like "goth" "punk" or "lolita". This community is for EVERYONE who loves creative fashion. I want this to be a very fun, freindly, active and interactive community with a huge variety of members. Coming soon...there will be weekly themes, monthly contests and featured sellers. Tha Karma Care Package is already in motion. If you'd like to receive The Karma Care Package filled to the brim with free gifts, read the info about it below. I'm excited you're here and please join and participate!

Your mod is, jody_the_gypsy. If you'd like to check out her ebay auctions click the banner below!

Please read this before joining:

1.) Please keep all of your posts in the community on topic. Only post about fashion related items. Basically anything THAT YOU WEAR is included. Also things like make up and nail polish....anything to do with hair or hairstyles too. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT HAVE ANY NON-FASHION RELATED ITEMS IN YOUR POSTS!!! NO DVDS, NO CDS, NO CRAFTS THAT YOU CAN'T WEAR!!! Don't even mention them in your ad or it will be deleted.

2.) Pictures are very welcome in this community. Please keep them to a reasonable size. If you have more than 1 picture please put the rest behind an lj cut.

3.) Do not disable the comments feature.

4.) Only plug other alternative fashion communities in gypsy_wagon.

5.) Promoting this community is not required, but greatly appreciated. If you know anyone that is into alternative fashion please recommend the gypsy_wagon community to them, post a link to it in your journal or on your user info page, or get really motivated and advertise it in some other communities!

6.) This should really go without saying but, DON'T SPAM THE COMMUNITY! Only post auctions at the most once at the beginning and once for the final day. Don't have like 4 of your selling posts in the community's 1st page at any time. Don't promote your selling journal in here any more than once a week.

7.) When you post an ad you must have atleast 1 picture of the item/s you're selling. No banners that do not have pics of what you're selling on them.

Featured Seller Of The Month

If you would like to be the featured seller of the month here on the gypsy_wagon user info page, please contact me at for complete details. Thanks!

The Karma Care Package

Improve your karma and get free goodies! The Karma Care Package is a fun way to get interactive with other members of gypsy_wagon. I sent it out to the first participant on May 25, 2005 from Wisconsin. If you'd like to take part in The Karma Care Package please email me your full name and shipping address at You can also email me there with any questions you have about it. Remember! You are then in charge of replacing the goodies you took out of it and sending it along to the next person on the list! Also, The Karma Care Package is international. If you do not want to possibly pay the postage to another country please don't sign up.

Please feel free to be creative when thinking of goodies for this package. Keep the shipping weight and price down for your sake and the person who has to ship the package out after you. Gypsy_wagon is a fashion community, so fashion related items are encouraged, but not neccessary. Just fill the package with things you think someone might love and have fun with it!

Here's what you do:

1) Receive the Karma Care Package and open it up and squeal with delight at the 6 pretty things you find!

2) Pick out whatever items you want for yourself. You can take 0 to 6 items. However many you want!

3) Replace however many items you took out with different items. Feel free to include a little letter, business cards, or a flyer about your business, but don't count those as one of your replacement items.

4) Send the package back out as quickly as you possibly can to the next person on the list. YOU MUST PURCHASE DELIVERY CONFIRMATION!!! It does not cost much extra, but we must do it incase we have any scammers signing up. Their name and address should have already been sent to you by email, but if you lose it or have any questions please feel free to email me at

5) Please remember to email me at and tell me the date you received The Karma Care Package in the mail and also the date that you shipped it back out.

6) Leave a little post bragging about your new cool free stuff! Maybe tell us what you picked out and why, tell us who it's from if you know, thank the person, and some pictures of it.


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